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Zenova | saving through Innovation

Bells and Two Tones are now a stockist and supplier to the TV and Film industry in the UK. The heat management products can ensure your sets and location are the safest in the industry.

Why Zenova

Bells and Two Tones are always looking for innovative new products that will heighten safety within the TV and Film industry.

Over the last year the industry has lost millions in damage, loss of workshops, sets, losing weeks of filming and loss of revenus to the studios, all due to uncontrolled fires.

We are delighted to be chosen by The Zenova Group PLC to become a supplier of their heat management products to the TV and Film industry.

Zeno Group PLC produce cutting edge heat management products, made here in the UK. Several products are on offer ensuring your sets become the safest.


Zenova FP

Zenova FP is, in our opinion, groundbreaking. We understand tumescent paints have been around for a long time, however, Zenova has made it affordable and only the thinest of coats gives you the ultimate protection.

We recommend Zenova FP for Special effects companies, Art directors and construction. If FP is applied to sets where heat is an issue you can rest assured the FP will protect you. FP like all Zenova products are non toxic and environmentaly friendly.

Zenova WB, is Zenova's Wild Fire Barrier. This is ideal for location managers, green teams and special effects. Any grasses, shrubs and even thatch is rendered "non flammable" once the WB has been applied correctly. In dry conditions it is guaranteed to give you the ultimate protection for 30 days.

We tested the Zenova FP and WB at one of our locations to show you how well you can protect your set, location, cast and crew. We built 2 scale sets out of traditional materials, applied the FP inside and the WB outside and to the straw roof. The results speak for themselves.

If you want to make your production one of the safest and feel any of these products are for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We can organise a consultancy, informal chat, samples and even show and tells free of charge.

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