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Ewan Dunsire
Ewan Dunsire: Director

Ewan is one of the directors at BTT; he was an active firefighter for over 32 years; now retired from Heathrow Airport AFS, and he is focused on making BTTFRS the most successful commercial fire protection company in the TV and Film industry. Ewan started his firefighting career in 1989 in the RAF, and over nine years of service, he gained a lot of knowledge and experience in dealing with fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft fires. After completing his RAF career, Ewan was lucky to land a job at Heathrow Airport Fire and Rescue.

During his time at Heathrow he worked alongside another firefighter called Paul Boshier, the 2 became friends and never looked back since.

Although Ewan is mainly found in the office at Pinewood Studios, he still tries his best to get out on set and will jump in at a minute's notice where he can get his hands dirty.


You can contact Ewan direct on 07773357660 or


Paul Boshier: Director

Paul Boshier, on the other hand, will never be found in the office and will always be on set as he hates having clean hands, he has been a firefighter now for over 28 years, he served for Berkshire Fire and Rescue and more recently Heathrow Airport Fire and Rescue, it was while at Heathrow that Paul was sent to assist in the Windsor Palace fire in 1992. Paul retired from Heathrow several years ago and now concentrates on BTT full time.


Paul can be contacted on 07900273805 or

Elly Dunsire: Pinewood Coordinator

Elly is our Pinewood and London coordinator located within Pinewood Studios, she is the central point of contact between BTT and production/sfx, should you have any questions regarding fire cover or manning levels you can contact her on.

01753785658 or


Liz Dunsire: Manchester and North of England Coordinator

Liz is our North of England coordinator, she is our central point of contact for supplying the northern band of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. We have access to a dedicated 9,000 Litre bowser, 2 x Mercedes Benz fire appliances and 3 4x4 small factor fire appliances all stationed in the north cutting down travel and fuel costs.

0161 327 0002 or

Jason Erskine: Training Coordinator

Jason is our gorgeous training coordinator.

A serving firefighter for 22 Years now, starting his Career in Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service and now for the last 10 Years, he's been in Bristol for Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

Jason has been a part BTT for 18 Years.

He can be contacted on.


07823343430 or

Our Fire Fighters

We have access to over 300 firefighters from all over the UK, they come from all different backgrounds, mostly our firefighters are from a local authority brigades be we do also have access to specialist military and aviation firefighters. Whatever your needs here at BTTFRS we can supply you with the appropriate fire cover.

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