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Fire cover comes in all shapes and sizes whether it's for a simple building, factory or large industrial complex Bells and Two Tones Fire and Resue can supply you with cost effective contingency fire cover. Over the last few years we have supplied fire cover at railway stations, chemical plants, recycling centres and high rise tenement buildings. We are in a position to supply you with whatever level of fire cover you require, be it full firefighting teams with multiple appliances and bulk water supplies down to a single fire marshal to assist in an evacuation should the need arise.

Our fire cover can be arranged from a single day to long term cover lasting several months where a full roster is implemented.

We understand the fluidity of business that is why Bells and Two Tones will never lock you into a long term contract giving you the freedom to cancel any fire cover with just 24 hours notice.

If your organisation runs their own on site fire service we can supply a short-fall contingency whether it's for sickness or emergency cover due to unforseen circumstances, call us for a more detailed breakdown of what we an offer.

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