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Not everyone is confident enough to use an extinguisher in an emergency. Even with training, people's minds go blank during high-stress scenarios, and all of a sudden, they can't remember what was said about each extinguisher; all they can remember is, "If you use the wrong one, it can be catastrophic"!

This is one of the many reasons we have teamed up with The Zenova Group PLC; the Zenova extinguisher is a single solution for every class of fire; if it's on fire, you can use the Zenova FX. Bells and Two Tones are the Zenova stockists/suppliers to the TV and Film industry.

There are now several "All in One" fire extinguishers on the market; however, the Zenova is the only extinguisher with full EN3 and BSI certification. Some other manufacturers may say they are "Tested in accordance with BS EN" but they are not telling you that they are not certified. You can rest easy knowing that Zenova is thoroughly tested and certified to EN3 and BSI.

Below are a couple of videos shot at The Fire Services College Moreton-in-Marsh in conjunction with Zenova and our sister company, Fire Services Group UK Ltd


Extinguisher Services

Bells and Two Tones has been a longstanding supplier to the TV and Film industry, providing firefighting extinguishers for numerous years.


In light of the introduction of the Zenova FX500, featuring 6-litre and 9-litre capacities, we have made the strategic decision, effective February 2024, to discontinue the sale or rental of Water, Foam, and Dry Powder extinguishers.


The Zenova extinguisher, with its versatile capabilities, is now positioned as a comprehensive solution suitable for all classes of fires. This decision is poised to simplify and economize productions across the board. By eliminating the need for multiple extinguisher types, the Zenova FX series removes ambiguity in choosing the appropriate firefighting equipment. The singular solution not only streamlines operational logistics but also reduces the overall quantity of units required at each fire point.

While Dry Powder extinguishers were traditionally considered the most versatile, their inherent messiness and subsequent cleanup costs often outweighed the benefits, particularly for minor fires. In contrast, the Zenova FX, when dry, leaves minimal to no residue, making it a compelling alternative for all extinguisher applications.

Drawing from our extensive experience as seasoned firefighters, the moment we tested the FX range, we recognized its remarkable quality and innovation, setting a new standard within the fire safety community.


The FX series exhibits an unprecedented speed in fire suppression, coupled with superior cooling properties surpassing those of water.

By incorporating the FX range on your site, you can have confidence in the comprehensive coverage provided by these extinguishers. The Zenova FX stands as a groundbreaking replacement for traditional extinguisher options, offering enhanced efficiency and peace of mind in fire safety measures.

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