Life saving water scheme

Every fire service across the world has one simple fundamental goal — to save lives.

Here at BTTFRS we do that too. But here we don’t stop at ‘just’ fire fighting. We go much, much further. Here’s how”

Through the very nature of our business Bells and Two Tones uses thousands of litres of water each and every year. We only use fresh drinking water and it’s possible to take it for granted.

We don’t ever forget that there are people around the world who don’t have this basic human need. So to fix it we have teamed up with the global initiative ‘B1G1: Business for Good.

It means that every time you use BTTFRS to supply water for your production whether it's for SFX rain or simply for fire-fighting, through our initiative with B1G1 we help supply people in need around the world with pure, life-saving water.

So far, we’ve made a difference to lots of people — you can see that in the counter below.

It’s great to be doing all of this together with you.

Locations your business has helped.